Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Does True Love still exist?

I see all these different types of couples everyday and you get the annoying couples who write over eachothers facebook how much they love eachother all the time, but it makes me think, how many of these couples do generally "love" eachother. i love you, 3 words. It is easy to say, easy to lie about. I love you is thrown about to easily these days and people have forgotten what love actually is, its not being in a relationship for 3 days, which alot of people seem to think it is now a days.
So what are your views? Do you think true love still exists or is it all for fairytales?

Peace xox


Well, you know when you are on the bus and you just randomly watch and listen to people? well today I was just minding my own business and a lad around the age of 15 got on my bus and he had longish hair and a guitar. He was just listening to music when suddenly two other lads started throwing stuff at him calling him a mosher...I hate stereotypical people, as he wasn't a "mosher", just because he had longish hair and was carrying a guitar doesnt mean people have the right to start labelling him! But unfortunatly this is the sort of world we live in these days, no matter what you do/say/wear some people will always have a problem with you. But why should we be how people expect us to be, be yourself,be happy.

Peace xox